Bloomberg released a fascinating article detailing the NY4 data center. If you’ve mapped out the data centers in NJ and are familiar with the significance of places such as Carteret and Mahwah then you will surely find this article quite interesting.

Inside the Nondescript Building Where Trillions Trade Each Day
Every day, electronic trades representing trillions of dollars’ worth of equities, derivatives, currencies, and fixed-income assets pass under this roof
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For those who don’t realize that the NASDAQ is actually found off the side of the I-95 in NJ just south of Secaucus, you are going to have your mind blown. BEHOLD! This is the trading of the modern age!

Racing My Own Orders

I recently rode my bike from Jackson Heights, Queens, to Weehawken, NJ. It took me roughly 60 minutes (including the wait for the ferry). When I place a trade on the computer an route it to BATS it takes less than a second.