Anyone who has driven on the Brooklyn Queens Express between Brooklyn and Queens has experienced the Kosciuszko bridge. The original bridge was demolished but will forever be associated with bumper to bumper traffic in my memory. However, the replacement, which is technically replacements (plural) as there are now two spans, built one after the other, the latter having just opened earlier this year.

Around the same time, I discovered that this bazillion dollar project has bike/pedestrian path as well. This past week I took the plunge and altered course see if the rumors were true. I commute from Elmhurst/JaxHts to the LES and have pretty much always taken Greenpoint Ave to the Williamsburg Bridge. Took this path for the first time earlier this week and have not returned to the Greenpoint bridge route since.

Nice to see urban planning getting something right for a change. The views are splendid and the path is not that terrible to get to at least from the Queens side. A two-way bike lane with added space for pedestrians separated from traffic by a concrete barrier. Could not be nicer. I'll try to post some pictures at some point.